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What a Beautiful Mess

on March 13, 2016

Tinliz Winterstorm has blogged about The Happy Hat again. She does a wonderful job on showing the basics of The Studio in her post (HERE). Not only that, she tells us about her physical self. Not sure about you but, I am impressed with the fact that she can “artificially inseminate cows”. WOW!

I met this lady during a hunt she hosted and am happy to say I have found a friend on Second Life. Sure, I have met lots of people in-world. Not too many do I call friend. If you wish to know about fashion, check out her blog, What a Beautiful Mess

One response to “What a Beautiful Mess

  1. TinLiz says:

    I’m blessed to have a new friend in SL! I have few! Most people aren’t impressed I can AI cows…they mostly say, “eww”! 🙂

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